The Ugliest Mug at the Black Drop

Update: All the votes are in! The Ugliest Mug in all of Bellingham is… #16: Seamus and his simulcrum-esque mug. Seamus come on down to the shop for a fabulous basket of more Ugly Mugs, a pound of coffee from Maniac Roasting and other ugly related objects. Thanks to everyone for participating. It was a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the next one….

Seamus and the Ugliest Mug

O.K. Ready to choose some ugly? It is time to vote on your favorite ugly mug. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE FOR THOSE IMAGES WITH NUMBERS. Numbers only. No names. The named images are employees who, no matter how ugly, are not eligible to win. So, choose your favorite ugly mug, note the NUMBER, and either:

  • leave a note of it on the webpage in the comments
  • comment on it on Facebook
  • send email to
  • drop into the shop and vote there

Obviously, no multiple votes, please. And, once again, you can only vote for those images with numbers. Thanks for your participation. We will announce the winners tomorrow sometime in the evening. Come on UGGGGGLLLLLLYYYY!!!!!!

And don’t forget that we are showing the romantic movie, Dead Alive, tomorrow at 8:00 pm at the Drop for Valentine’s.

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Owner/ Poetic Terrorist / Barista / Graphic Designer at The Black Drop Coffee House. Also, Hermit / Recluse in Residence at Laughing Bone Design Labs
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