Artist of the Month: Charles “Bonesy” Jones

God is Dreaming

A Stamp Detournement by Charles "Bonesy" Jones

Laughing Bone Design Laboratories in Association with The Black Drop Coffeehouse is proud to present “23 Digital Detournements by Charles ‘Bonesy’ Jones.” Jones, who died in 2005, spent the last few years of his life creating stamp-sized pieces that were often mailed out on envelopes to unsuspecting friends and family. We have digitally enlarged 23 of these for exhibition at The Black Drop. Together they create an extraordinary testimony to the genius of this late artist.

For more information on Charles “Bonesy” Jones, please visit The Laughing Bone.

A Stamp Detournement by Charles "Bonesy" Jones

From the Presentation Card at the shop:

Towards the end of his life, Jones was fascinated by the idea of detournements. He described these as “appropriations of established images and symbols of authenticity re-purposed for play – especially, philosophical play.” These stamp detournements represent his efforts towards this end.

Each of these images was created by Jones to function as an actual stamp. From 2003 to 2005, he mailed out hundreds of cards and letters with these stamps placed beside those from the U.S. Post Office. Many of the recipients never realized that they were receiving miniature works of transgressive art. We have digitally enlarged these here for exhibition purposes.

In much of his published work, there is frequent reference to the relationship between the word and the image. For each of these images, Jones had a particular selection of text to be associated with it: quotes from his own work and those of others, fragments of poems, sermons and epigrams. He insisted these were vital to accessing the “interior meaning of each image.” We have included these on the title cards along with images of the original stamps.

It is unfortunate to note that much of the work from 2005 shows distinct difference from the earlier images: stamp edges are trimmed, the references are more cryptic, and certain obsessions are more apparent. This was the direct result of a severe head injury Jones suffered after being struck by a car. None of the 2005 images were ever sent out. This is the first time they have been exhibited in public.

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