Artist of the Month: Forrest Melim

There Is Nothing to Fear

There Is Nothing to Fear || Forrest Melim


My name is Forrest Melim.  I’ve been painting for about 8 years.  I have no formal education, but I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and artists.  I have been working at JINX art space in Bellingham, WA. since the beginning of March 2010. I am inspired by all kinds of things in my Life, and my Natural surroundings. COLOR, SHAPES, EVENTS, EMOTIONS, THE SUN, THE MOON, PAIN, PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, SADNESS, AND THE FULL SPECTRUM OF SCIENCES, PHILOSOPHIES, AND HISTORIES. My current show is about the dichotomy of life on this blue ball in space.  So many people feel like there is nothing new left to discover in regards to life on our planet, and so they search for life on other planets. I wanted to show people that not only is there life on this planet that will blow your mind with its bizarreness, and beauty but that sometimes it lives in the most secluded and hostile areas on the planet. And yet while there are creatures who SURVIVE in Darkness and Pressure there are also organisms that Thrive in the Light of the Sun.  I hope you enjoy my paintings and please ask me any questions you might have in my comments section. Commissions are also gladly accepted. And be sure to bring your friends to see me and all the amazing artists at JINX. (Located at 306 Flora st. in downtown Bellingham.)


Freckles || Forrest Melim


Forrest Melim was born in a House on Yew St. on the 30th of May in the year of 1984,  in Bellingham, Wa. There was a  solar eclipse that day.

26 yrs later he still thinks about all the things that make Life interesting.

He farms for a living and lives for the next painting.

Life creates images, like the Clouds make rainfall in the northwest. Abundant vivid images.

Forrest obtained a studio at a local Art collective, called Jinx Art Space (in Bellingham), about a year ago.  Since then he’s produced quite prolifically and has recently been making attempts to go more public with his Art.

His Obsessions include Flowers, Color, Perspective, Sea Life, Squid, Space, The ideas of Infinity, Life, Death, Philosophy, Change and New Experiences, Getting Dirty, and of course Music.

Hollyhock and Snap Dragons

Hollyhock and Snap Dragons || Forrest Melim

Forrest started painting after a false-start in pottery that didn’t pan out.  His friend Dorian introduced him to painting at age 18 and he was hooked from that point on.  He never attended school for art, instead choosing to learn through practice.  Oils appealed most to him because of the way the colors would blend together to become something new. Later he would realize that the blending was only part of the power that oils had to offer.

Forrest is excited about advancing his skills in Painting and investigating new and interesting subject matter.  He also enjoys the  business side of the art world, and trying to figure out new ways to market his art to the populace. “It’s a game I play”  He says, ”You try and get the price and quality to match, like the price is right.”

Forrest can be contacted through his phone, at 360-359-2001
Or by email at

Lucifer's Tongue

Lucifer's Tongue || Forrest Melim


Sol || Forrest Melim

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