Photos from Save Our City II

Wow! That event was amazing! Once again, zombies win! Thanks everyone for coming out and making it so great. ♥, Stephanie Oppelaar

he Drop would like to thank our volunteers, Crystal Bartow, Courtney Hiatt, Elena Roar Stecca, Jilliana Grubb, Anton Antig, and Trish Quinland- Rodriguez for all their amazing work today. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Also, we would like to thank Joel Ion Ward-Sanders and Chase Bacetich for their help filling water balloons through the week!

Also Also! We would like to thank our co-sponsors Merch Bot, Eagles Games Models & Miniatures, Film Is Truth 24 Times A Second, and Reset Games for their prize donations! Everything was great, and people seemed to be genuinely thrilled with their prizes and with the game!

OH! We almost forgot our friend Michael Downing, who ties water balloons like a champ!

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