Black Drop Judgement Day

Black Drop Judgement Day

It’s time for SAVE OUR CITY II – TAKE BACK THE TOWN! Last year, the zombies DECIMATED the population of survivors. This year, let’s see if the survivors can stay alive!

Saturday, May 21st, meet at 3:00 p.m. on the steps at Maritime Heritage park. Participants are encouraged to come in zombie get up/make up, but it’s not required.


You show up and sign a permission slip that says if you fall down you won’t sue us.

We issue you a “class”, either ZOMBIE or SURVIVOR.

Once all participants are gathered, the survivors get a 10 minute head start to get away from the center of the zombie infection in the park. Then, the zombies are released, and the survivors spend the next 3 hours trying to stay alive! All survivors are issued a bag with some water balloons as ammo, and more ammo is available at any time in the safe zone at home base.

The game is played as follows:

Zombies try to attack survivors. (Tag!) Survivors can attempt to “stun” the zombie with a water balloon. A direct hit that results in a popped water balloon and a wet zombie means the zombie is “frozen” for a period of 30 seconds to let the survivor escape. If the balloon doesn’t pop, or the throw misses, the throw is considered to be treated like a weapon misfire and you can be “EATEN” (TAG!)

If a survivor is tagged, they become a zombie! We will have a zombification station back at home base (the steps of the park at Maritime Heritage) where the newly undead can get dolled up with fake blood, zombie eyes, and any other gore they feel like putting on. (If they don’t want to get makeuped, that’s ok too.) The newly undead participant then switches armband colors to signify that they are now a zombie, and they go out looking for BRAINS!

Play continues until all survivors have been turned or until 3 hours pass, whichever comes first!

Prizes will be awarded in several categories (which will remain secret until game day) and will be awesome swag from Merchbot, Reset Games, Eagles Games, Film is Truth, and from us, the Black Drop! This year, more sponsors means more prizes, which means more stuff for you!

Last year, we had at least 60 participants, and the event made the front page of the Bellingham Herald. We are hoping for at least that many this year, and really hoping for more! At the end of the event last year was an all out waterfight to use up the waterballons, and it was a blast!

All ages are welcome (Last year, we even had a toddler participating) and last year we had several people combine into teams to help either catch humans or stun zombies!

All participants are REQUIRED to pick up the trash from exploding water balloons, and we even give you a handy bag to put it in!

Come play with us, and let’s see if we can take the city back from the hordes of undead!

Save Our City II: Zombies vs. Humans

Save Our City II: Zombies vs. Humans


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