Artist of the Month: Clayton Medeiros

Clayton Medeiros

Artist Statement

I am a collage artist and poet interested in how words and images explore the elusiveness of love and meaning in the human condition. I sense and participate in the divinity of the universe present in me and all things. I do not understand the mystery of being, including my own, but I find happiness in the moment. I live in grace with others in full human frailty.

Artist Biography

I have always been interested in the intersection of myth, religion and philosophy. My life has been built around my understanding of that intersection over time. After starting out in literature and philosophy in college, I have come full circle. I spend time writing poetry and essays, publishing No Regrets Journal and creating collages.

I have lived all over the country and respect America’s diverse traditions and personalities: New York City’s tightly wound edginess and endless creativity, taciturn Massassachusettes’ Puritan roots transformed into capitalist enterprise leavened by Yankee ingenuity and perseverance, the story telling and music of Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains where people have lived off the grid for a long time, Kansas’ farm country values with no mountains in the the way, New Mexico’s blue sky spirituality and mix of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo traditions, California’s surfers, hippies and venture capitalists and the subdued excitement of Bellingham.

My career included being a public policy analyst, lobbyist, strategic planner and hospital executive. I worked for think tanks, hospitals, medical schools and local, state and federal governments wrestling with how health care could be provided to everyone more effectively. It was fun, I made a difference. The ineffectiveness of American health care continues to be an unresolved problem immune to market place solutions.

Now I have the good luck to pursue my passions with some travel now and then to look and art and enjoy the endless diversity of people and cuisines with my lovely wife, Gemma Jane Medeiros.

About Scot Casey

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