New Coaster Design: Word Tapestry

Black Drop Coaster Design

You know when you take that first sip of a great cup of coffee from the Black Drop Coffeehouse and the world fades away and the sea of troubles is suddenly becalmed and every distant dream is a real possibility and all the quotidian trivialities just disappear? And you lean back in your chair and take another drink of this sublime cup of coffee and all the quietly desperate moments of your life are now neither quiet nor desperate and you watch as they all break out of the drama and start to sing and dance in a Great Cosmic Busby Berkeley Musical in your mind. And it all makes sense. The Golden Braid stretches out before you, the melody of your minutes like Mozart and the song of your life, of all life, indeed, of all existence, blending perfectly, burning with the gemlike flame, into an overwhelming symphony of a meaning that eternally surpasses us but at the same time makes everything holy like the bright wings of a brooding world, the shook foil still shining. And, my god! you haven’t even finished with the cup of coffee! Coffee? Truly? Seems more like tears shed from a brooding melancholic angel contemplating the mysteries of the Platonic solids against the symbols of vanitas then mixed with ichor and manna and ambrosia and Soma and every lost line of truth that has haunted every poet emerging from evening dreams of Kubla Kahn and future utopias floating in the burning clouds. Coffee? This exotic word echoing with ancient tales of dancing goats and Desert Hermits watching through the night for the traces of the Fugitive Gods. This simple bean that circles the globe and fuels the minds of millions, easing the transition from the realm of sleep to the bright and shining realm of wakefulness, lightening the burden of existence, sparking the cool tinder of consciousness with its focusing diamond fires. The cup before you is now empty and you sit before it like a Zen monk contemplating the laughter of the Buddha. And you smile to consider that the baristas at the Black Drop make hundreds of these a day, each cup crafted as a work of art, created with passion and intensity, with great care, with the knowledge that it might brighten and lighten your day, illuminate your way, and fill your life with the laughter and simple joy of Being.

About Scot Casey

Owner/ Poetic Terrorist / Barista / Graphic Designer at The Black Drop Coffee House. Also, Hermit / Recluse in Residence at Laughing Bone Design Labs
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