Help us help some soldiers feel like home….

Black Drop in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

The following request is taken from an email sent by Sgt. Katherine McClain, the wonderful Black Drop fan responsible for the awesome pictures of the bumper stickers on the Humvee in Afghanistan! The Drop is taking care of a good number of things on this list, but we would really like the help of our friends/community members to help show this group of soldiers we are watching over them, and thinking about them while they are on long deployment.

“Soft cotton T-Shirts and Hoodies/Sweatshirts (Medium, Large or XXL) are wonderful because we can sleep in them and feel a little more “normal” – even slightly used is okay since we know money is tight back home with the economy being down.  Anything with a little local flair or logo will make us ecstatic!”

“A couple people have asked for fingerless gloves/mittens (small or medium) for the cold months (the Army only issues one’s with fingers so it’s all or nothing which is normally great but we need to do a lot of delicate work outside).”

(NOTE: Knitters, we could really use some help with this! I personally love the knucks pattern because it’s easy. Please note, if the soldiers are to wear these outside, they have to be dark brown, black, olive green, or dark grey. They can use fun colored ones inside or when they aren’t on duty. Also, knitted socks would be a great idea, and those can be whatever fun colors you would like because they are covered by heavy boots!)

(This is the pattern I use:

“Anything to pass the time – like most units, we spend a lot of time bored and waiting punctuated by short intense moments. Paperback books are great – favorites here are sci-fi & fantasy – like little vacations! :)  If folks are not sure what to get, or I-Tunes gift cards are wonderful and mail easily.  Most Soldiers have I-Pods and I-Pads for reading, listening to music and watching movies so they would certainly be appreciated and well used.”

“Honestly though, we hear all the time how tight the economy is there and many of us haven’t been home for a few years, so even letters are wonderful.  It’s still true that mail call is the best time of day!  Even if we don’t know the senders personally, we love to get letters with bit of the local news to keep us in touch with home:  What movies are showing at the Fairhaven outdoor theater? Are all those great used book stores still in business?  Are there any Bed and Breakfasts that you recommend as great places for R&R in SeaTac, Seattle or Bellingham?  Are the flying fish still Seattle’s biggest tourist attraction?  Where is the best place to get a good micro-brew now-a-days? Is WWU still growing and how are the Vikings doing this year?  What’s the forecast for Mount Baker this winter – will it be another good year for boarding and skiing?  LOL!”

Thank you again for the support!  It is wonderful to feel that we’ve got people back home watching over us here.


Katherine McClain

So, ya’ll, can you help us? Please bring anything you’d like to send to the shop by Thursday, September 15th so we can mail the package on September 16th.

Direct any questions to Stephanie or Scot.

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