Where Do You Take Your Black Drop? Contest

Playing Raquetball

In case you haven’t heard, we are running a Where Do You Take Your Black Drop? contest.

That sounds amazing, you say. How do I enter this fantastic and intriguing contest?

Well, it is as easy as adding cream to your coffee: Simply take a photograph of any item (cup, sticker, t-shirt, mug) that has a Black Drop logo in an unusual, recondite or interesting location. Then, you can either post it to our FaceBook page or send it via email to photo@blackdropcoffeehouse.com. Ta da!

Our good friends over at Merch-Bot are running a Where Do You Take Your Merch-Bot? contest. If you are feeling frisky, head on over and check out what they are up to.

Fabulous, perhaps inspiring, prizes from us and Merch-Bot TBA.

Here are the submissions (so far):

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