Black Drop Wins Best Coffeehouse and Best Barista in Cascadia Weekly Best of Bellingham!

From the Cascadia Weekly:

With ample (and growing) competition, Black Drop continues to rank as our readers’ favorite place to sip coffee while they read or chat. If anything, allegience to the cozy kaffeeklatsch has grown even more dear since employees bought the business in 2009. Great people serve the great coffee, with all the Black Drop baristas receiving shouts of praise from our readers. Scot Casey won out, voted Best Barista of 2011.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Black Drop as the Best Coffeehouse and for me as Best Barista in Cascadia Weekly. I am deeply grateful and honored. However, whatever is “best” about me is due to the fact that I am surrounded and supported by an amazing and very talented group of friends/co-workers: my wonderful partner Stephanie Oppelaar, her husband John Oppelaar, Kim von See, Sean Dowd, Steven Riley and Ashley Berger. I am proud to be in the business of making great coffee with you. Cheers to everyone!

About Scot Casey

Owner/ Poetic Terrorist / Barista / Graphic Designer at The Black Drop Coffee House. Also, Hermit / Recluse in Residence at Laughing Bone Design Labs
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