Help the MacGregor Family

As many of you may know, on New Year’s Eve a young family here in Bellingham had the tragedy of having their home burn to the ground. They lost all of their possessions and were taken to Harborview in serious/critical condition.

Click here for the story in the Bellingham Herald.

The father is still in critical condition and the rest of the family in serious condition.

Click here for the update in the Bellingham Herald.

Besides being a local family in need, the injured family happens to be near and dear friends with a family who has been extremely close to our shop since we first opened almost 10 years ago. Our friends at Maniac Roasting are contributing $1.50 for every pound of Brazilian Daterra coffee they sell towards an assistance fund for the family, and we would like to join their efforts to help alleviate the financial burden placed upon this family, which include the huge medical bills they will be incurring through treatment for their injuries.

Here at the Black Drop we will contribute $1.50 for each pound of ANY bulk coffee sold. We also have a donation box at the counter for cash contributions, which we will join directly with Maniac Roasting’s donations in distribution straight to the family.

One of the things we appreciate most about Bellingham is the seeming ability of the people who reside here to come together in aid of those in need in our community. This is no exception, as several organizations are all banding together to organize any help they can give to this family. Our customers have shown us time and time again that they are more than willing to give of their time and resources to help others, and we appreciate all of your time and attention.

For further information about other ways you can help, follow the links below.

Facebook page for a donation account

Fundraising Concert Link

Link for items requested for donation to replace clothing/etc lost in the fire

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