10 years of delish coffee and Block Party madness

So, what did you do this weekend? Did you perhaps come down to a certain Block Party that our friends Make.Shift down the street were putting on? Were you able to catch us there while we were giving out FREE TODDY?

"Kick Ass Free Toddy"

Steph, ready to hand out some whup ass

You may or may not know this, but the Black Drop Coffeehouse has been the corner shop on our block for TEN WHOLE YEARS this year. The shop sits on the corner of Magnolia and West Champion in Downtown Bellingham, right in what is now called Bellingham’s “Arts District.”

The Drop has been a supporter of the arts in Bellingham throughout our history, and we proudly continue to do so. Every year, we contribute hundreds of dollars in merchandise, coffee, and gift certificates to local art programs and music programs. In the past, we’ve donated to local high school music and arts programs, the Pickford Cinema, The American Museum of Radio and Electricity (now known as “Spark”,) film and acting workshops for kids, Doctor Sketchy’s “Art School” every month, Bellingham’s Subdued Stringband Jamboree, and many, many others. We have regularly provided a coffee service to what was the “Jinx” gallery and now is the “Make.Shift” art space during artwalks, and for special events.

We believe that a town such as Bellingham, that thrives on creativity and is bursting at the seams with talented artists of all kinds, should be full of businesses that also value art and creativity. More specifically, the arts district here in Bellingham is our neighborhood. We’ve been sweeping the sidewalks, planting flower boxes, picking up trash, cleaning up messes, and welcoming the citizens of and visitors to Bellingham to become part of the blocks surrounding our shop for years. The aesthetic of wonderful things is essential to the good life we all strive for. We live for things like the pleasure of a perfectly made americano in a solid mug in your hand while you read a chapbook of poetry published by the guy sitting at a table across from you, or the sun on your shoulders while you sit on a breezy sidewalk, drinking a perfectly iced coffee on a hot day…

…Or a walk on a summer day, just down the street, to where a local art and music collective have gotten permits to block off the street to build a giant slip and slide, serve amazing food, have a beer garden and feature live music while kids play in an inflatable bouncy house and we serve our kick ass cold brewed coffee.

Flora Street, looking at the the taco truck and dunk tank

"Beautiful day for a party, no?"

Flora Street View

"Looking down the street at the museum"

French Fry Cart

"Our neighbors at the French Fry cart"

Slip n Slide

"Someone trying out the huge slip n slide"

We donated 5 gallons of cold brewed toddy coffee to this event. About 200 cups of delicious, icy cold brew.

And it was awesome.

Check out the Bellingham Herald article here.

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