Featured Bean: Kenya Fairview Estate AB Plus

Black Drop Coffeehouse Featured Bean: Kenya Fairview Estate

This week The Black Drop Coffee House is proud to present the Kenya Fairview Estate AB plus as our featured coffee.  This wonderfully delicate coffee presents a snappy acidity with hints of lime and rose, a light smooth body and the subtle flavors of coriander, pipe tobacco, lime and caramelized onions. We suggest sipping slowly as this coffee really shines as it cools! – John

Kenya Fairview Estate

Bag of Green Kenya Fairview Estates Coffee Beans at Maniac Roasting

From the Atlas coffee PDF containing most information about Fairview estate and their practice: http://www.atlascoffee.com/docs/fairview.pdf

At the heart of Kenya’s Central Highlands, home to the world’s finest coffee, lies Fairview coffee estate. This beautiful 300 acre coffee farm situated 1750m above sea level is irrigated using water from Riara River which is fed by streams from the Kenyan Highlands. Fairview Estate’s fertile soils have produced high quality coffee for over 80 years through the use of holistic production methods that take our customers concerns for a healthy environment at heart.

Kenya Fairview Estates

From: http://www.coffeereview.com/reference.cfm?ID=67

The Kenya Cup. Kenya is both the most balanced and the most complex of coffee origins. A powerful, wine-toned acidity is wrapped in sweet fruit. Although the body is typically medium in weight, Kenya is almost always deeply dimensioned. Sensation tends to ring on, resonating like a bellclap rather than making its case to the palate and standing pat. Some Kenyas display dry, berryish nuances, others citrus tones. The berry-toned Kenyas are particularly admired by some coffee buyers. Finally, Kenya coffees are almost always clean in the cup. Few display the shadow defects and off-tastes that often mar coffees from other origins.

From: http://www.eafca.org/member%20of%20the%20month/memberofthemonth0710.asp

Fairview Estate is a family owned entity that has spanned 3 generations amassing wealths of experience in Coffee production. This is evident through the existence of both indigenous and exotic trees, a cascading waterfall and a scenic /picnic site. Natural vegetation like sesbania and fig trees are conserved in their most natural state. Rivers and catchments are conserved in their true natural state. Prevention of encroachment is done by leaving a belt of natural uncultivated cover at least 100m from the river and dams in the Estate. We also have not had any new planting since 1926 in order to improve the flora of the land by preserving the existing natural forest, reclaiming and afforesting new land and reforesting land, which had been harvested.

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