The Black Drop Haiku Poetry Contest

We have a winner in the Haiku Poetry Contest! It was a close race, but #28 by David Meissner was the winner:

May your mustache of
Crema cling always to smiles
Our coffee is kind

Congrats to David! Honeybee Press will be printing them up soon. Thanks to everyone who contributed. They are all diamonds!


We are starting a haiku poetry contest! You submit, via Facebook, your best coffee / Black Drop related haiku (three lines, not strict 5-7-5). We will have a vote for the winner. THEN, Honeybee Press will letterpress print them on beautiful coasters for us. So get in contact with your muse and submit your coffee related haiku.

Note: You can submit your haiku via facebook, email or just hand us a slip of paper at the shop.

Entries so far:

1. Puget Sound sunlight
filtered through conversation
alights on warm mug

2. it’s the aroma
sensed half a county away
starts a pilgrimage

J. Sodt

3. Caramel cinnamon latte
Crisp Fall morning
Skull on fire

B. Jones

4. Black Drop morning
John on the bar
Beautiful coffee

S. Casey

5. Dark bean dances, .
determined round drop dives,
soothing the soul

M. Matteson

6. I miss
this coffee shop

B. Urick

7. I want to tell you
the universe is a lake
we hold in our hands

J. Morgan

8. Mount Baker morning
Ducks loll on Bellingham Bay
Coffee at Black Drop

C. Medieros

9. Autumn and winter
Morning’s frost on these old bones
Black coffee warms me

J. Lawson

10. Hot Drop of Black Love
Inside my mouth. Now is your
mind in the gutter?

11. Level 10 Fireball
My hot mouth! My happy tongue!
Black Drop loves me back.

T. Storm

12. I love my coffee
I need to drink it daily
Trust me. I know this.

M.J. Simon Bronstein

13. Black coffee turned golden with milk
starts the day, improves the day
a good way to begin it.

M.J. Fraser

14. But I just want
to write a haiku
about The Black Drop.

D.D. Chapman

15. Hollow coal train wail,
solitude of autumn dawn,
black widow beckons

R. Westlake

16. Black Drop, Center of the Earth

on my branch
feathers in the wind

J. Myers

17. Idle spoons hang heavy
eyes shift between text smiles
tapping black gold heart

K. Chandler

18. My cup black as sin
Tempered by angelic froth
Drink. Balance achieved.

19. Falling leaves crunching
My boots dragging me along
Finding warmth in my cup

20. Steam kisses my nose
The hot elixir down my throat
Now I can handle this.

21. Coffee is in my blood
Just as milk is in my bones
I am a walking latte.

22. Sleepless nights kill me
Early mornings pulling my hair out
Oh Coffee, grant me strength

K. Workman

23. History beckons:
Bellingham’s past is present.
Coffee keeps us warm.

Sara, GTG

24. The Black Drop is great.
Scot’s fine latté art makes it better.
Bellingham’s best now and forever!


25. Yes please refill me,
alive again with vibrant,
flow of Black Drop blood.

R. Westlake

26. oh, dear god. coffee.
the stuff that helps me study

K. Mensch

27. Black Drop Coffeehouse
and Free Doppio Fridays
Bellingham is Fun.

B. Lee

28. May your mustache of
Crema cling always to smiles
Our coffee is kind

D. Meissner

29. wind, rain, sunshine, grey dark times
Come on in, sit down
enjoy a cup of pure goodness

L. Lamositele

30. Good morning.
No enlightenment?
Mourning sigh.

R. Hughes

31. Happy Little Cup
My Friday Doppio pick up
It parts the cold rain

J. Mickelson

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Owner/ Poetic Terrorist / Barista / Graphic Designer at The Black Drop Coffee House. Also, Hermit / Recluse in Residence at Laughing Bone Design Labs
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