Black Drop Ugly Mug Contest 2012

Black Drop Ugly Mug: Urania


AND NOW IN ALL CAPS! THE WINNER OF THE BLACK DROP UGLY MUG CONTEST… URANIA WITH HER CRAZY UGLY LIPS MUG! Urania: we will contact you regarding all of your amazing prizes and gifts from the Black Drop Coffee House and Merch Bot! And, best of all, you get ALL of our infamous Ugly Mug Collection! Now ModSock (Urania is the owner) will be able to display all of their beautiful socks wearing ugly mugs! Thanks to all who sent in photos and participated. You are all so beautiful!

Black Drop Ugly Mugs 2012

"We can't wait to go to our new Mod Sock home!"

It’s that time again! SHOW US YOUR UGLY MUG!! Do you have a seriously ugly mug? We’re not talking a little gross, we’re talking HIDEOUS. Well, WE WANT TO SEE IT! If you have THE UGLIEST mug, you might even WIN SOME AWESOME STUFF!

How it works:

1) Take a picture of you with your mug. Your mug has to be directly next to your face for your entry to count. Don’t have a way to take your own picture? Come in to the Drop (or just do it for the heck of it) where we will have a photobooth style background up, and we’ll take it for you.

2) Submit your ugly mug picture by posting it on our Facebook wall, as a comment to our website, or emailing it to us at blackdropcoffeehouse at gmail dot com.

3) Do you have a mug that you think is uglier than our “ugly mug wall of shame?” We have a trade in program. Take your picture with your ugly mug (or we will take it for you) and then trade it in for one of our (dubiously) less ugly mugs on the wall of shame. Our goal is to truly have a collection of THE UGLIEST mugs in existence on our wall of shame, directly above our grinder station.

4) Don’t live here in Bellingham? NO PROBLEM. Play anyway! Send us your picture!!

5) When the contest entries are concluded, VOTE for your favorite!

The winner will be the ugly mug picture with the most votes.

The winner of our ugly mug contest will win a prize package including Black Drop merchandise (stickers, buttons, and perhaps even a shirt,) Merchbot merchandise (donated by our awesome friends at MerchBot where they sell truly stupid and fun stuff,) and (this is the best part….) ALL OF THE UGLY MUGS! That’s right, folks, Our winner will be the proud owner of THE UGLIEST MUGS we could find, the whole collection, kit and caboodle. We will then spend the following year collecting all new ugly mugs to do it all over again next year.


1) Black Drop employees and their families are not eligible to win.
2) Your mug needs to be ugly, but cannot be offensive. What do we mean by offensive? Please, no slurs or curse words. But, you wouldn’t do that, right?
3) Winner must take custody of the ugly mugs. No ifs, ands or buts allowed. Don’t want the spoils of your glorious victory? We’ll donate them for you.

Contest starts TODAY (Wednesday, November 8th) and entries will be accepted until Sunday, November 18th. Voting will be open for ONE WEEK closing on Saturday, November 24th. We will announce the winner at our anniversary party on November 25th. Contestants need not be present to win.


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