Black Drop Loteria Card

Black Drop - El Cafe Loteria

Testimonial from from Neilson E.:

The Black Drop offers one of the best shots of espresso outside of Italy.  Seriously.  If you doubt me, stop reading this, go there and order a doppio macchiato.  If you’ve ever only had a macchiato in the US you probably won’t recognize what they hand you.  It will be a beautifully crafted double shot of espresso with the tiniest bit of foamy milk poured on top creating the barista’s signature mark.  It will be so perfect you might have a hard time drinking it since to do so would put an end to the beautiful creation.  If so, just hold it up to your nose and smell the aroma of their perfectly brewed espresso.

Before you know it you will have quaffed your drink and you’ll have a huge smile on your face.  You may imagine that you’re sitting in a cafe in Italy but I warn you reality is there to greet you.  You are not wearing an Italian suit, no, that is not your Vespa parked outside.  You’re still in Bellingham believe it or not.

The people serving the coffee are professionals and the care they put into something that only costs a few dollars is amazing.  Do yourself a favor and don’t get your drink “to go”.  It’ll only take you a minute to drink so stay and enjoy it out of a real cup in one of the chairs by the door.  It is well worth the experience every time.

About Scot Casey

Owner/ Poetic Terrorist / Barista / Graphic Designer at The Black Drop Coffee House. Also, Hermit / Recluse in Residence at Laughing Bone Design Labs
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