Thank You!

Black Drop Coffeehouse Crew 2013
Black Drop Coffeehouse Zombie Crew 2013

Thanks to everyone who helped make Save Our City IV: Zombie vs. Survivors a great event. We had a record turnout this year. Over 200 people, 20 teams and everyone had a great time. Beautiful day, beautiful day, beautiful city. We could not have done it without out you. Much gratitude all around.

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Water Balloon Zombie Tag
A Few Water Balloons

Thanks to the Friday Night Water Balloon Filling Crew! We filled up a couple of thousand water balloons.

Black Drop Coffeehouse
Black Drop Staff Hard at Work

Thank to everyone who came out early Saturday to help with the pre-event and load in.

Black Drop Truck Load In
Loading Up The Doug Truck

And thanks to all of our amazing participants, young and old, zombie and survivor.

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Zombie Nurses
The Doctors…
Black Drop Crew 2013

Zombie Beauty with Zombie Kids

And to our employees. Y’all are beautiful and the best crew we have ever had!

Black Drop Crew 2013

Black Drop Zombie Crew 2013

And to all of the Black Drop Regulars who tolerated us being closed for a day!


Photo by Thom Davis

And thanks to all who attended and made it such a beautiful event. We all look forward to next year!

Zombie Crowd

Photo by Tad Beavers

And thanks to Nick Gonzales and the Bellingham Herald for the beautiful photos and coverage:


Photo by Nick Gonzales

And thanks to all of our sponsors who provided us with great gifts, stickers, coupons and helped to promote the event.

Merch Bot

An extra special love thanks to Django for supplying stickers and shirts and general all around helpfulness.

Film Is Truth
Film Is Truth

Eagles Logo
Goat Mountain Pizza

Goat Mountain Pizza



Unknown Board Shop

Unknown Board Shop

Finally, thanks to the Bellingham Parks Department and the City of Bellingham for allowing us to fill Maritime Heritage Park and the downtown core with Zombies.

City of Bellingham

City of Bellingham

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