Zombies vs Survivors V

Alright, here it is everyone.  The time you’ve been waiting for all year!  ZOMBIES VS SURVIVORS V!!!

Zombies vs Survivors

First time hearing about zombies?  Here’s the skinny.  Every year the Black Drop Coffeehouse takes over downtown with a massive game of water balloon tag.  “Survivors” are left to defend themselves from a horde of “Zombies” with nothing but their wits and water balloons!  Zombies can infect survivors with the smallest of touches!  MAYHEM ENSUES!  At the end of the day we use all of the left over balloons to have a HUGE water fight in Maritime Heritage park! This year, we’re even more excited to announce that we’re OFFICIALLY a City of Bellingham event! Our amazing City of Bellingham Department of Parks and Recreation has signed on for event co-sponsor this year! THANK YOU BELLINGHAM!!

Tons of prizes, a competitive team-based side game, and tons of great family friendly fun.  Last year we had well over 200 people playing!

First off, you’ll have to sign the waiver! If you’re under 18, it MUST be signed by your parent or guardian for you to participate!! http://tinyurl.com/zombiesSOSwaiver

Here’s a link to the general rules - http://tinyurl.com/Zombie-vs-Survivor-Rules

For the objective-based team game, we have a preregistration form for you to fill out and e-mail to us.  The form is here: http://tinyurl.com/Team-Registration-Form

And here are the rules for the team based play: http://tinyurl.com/Team-Based-Rules

In addition, we will be having a team-based costume competition this year!

This year, the event will be professionally photographed by Merrilee from Merrilee D. Photography with the addition of a photo booth style setup to commemorate your zombie get-up!

Our friends over at Whatcom Talk are writing up a feature on us, and will be showcasing some of the awesome info about this year’s event!

We’re partnering with Fiamma Burger who will be offering a special zombie milkshake the week of the event… bring your receipt with your milkshake purchase on it to receive 10% off your order at the Black Drop!

Our friends at The Shakedown are getting in on the zombie action too, helping sponsor this year’s event!

Always ready to help enrich our Downtown neighborhood, our good friends Marissa and Sara at The Bureau of Historical Investigation have joined in, and also agreed to be one of the important “objective” destinations for team play.

Once again, favorite downtown accessory purveyor ModSock is jumping to be an event sponsor, with prize donations for team winners as well as grab bag goodies!

Our buddies over at Dakota Art have agreed to provide gift certificates for prize winners!

and our amazing partner (graphic artist/web guru/advertising mastermind) Django over at Seatthole is helping with shirts and posters and zombie info and general awesomeness.

Stay tuned for more information about prizes, and more sponsor info as it becomes available!

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