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Guatemala – Finca Las Nubes

The Black Drop has always prided itself with serving and selling excellent coffee. It’s right there in our logo: Excellence, Intensity, Passion. We LOVE coffee, and we love making sure you are getting the very best coffee we can possibly offer. With that, I’d like to introduce to you a very special coffee that will [...]

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Featured Coffee: Nicaragua Finca Regalo de Dios Plantio El Aserradero

Regalo De Dios – source pdf

Location: the Mozonte region east of Ocotal, Central America
Predominant Varietals: Red Catuai and Caturra varieties.
Species: Arabica
Elevation: 1,675 masl
Climate: Natural cloud forest
Processing method: “Luis Alberto has been investing in improvements to the wet mill since he acquired the property. It uses very little water. A Pinhalense density sorter separates the cherry prior [...]

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Don Pachi Geisha Natural – Panama

The Black Drop Coffeehouse, in association with Maniac Roasting, is proud to announce the availability of one of the finest coffee beans we have ever had: the Don Pachi Geisha Natural from Panama. This coffee was awarded one of the highest scores in the history of the SCAP Best of Panama competition; also receiving one [...]

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A Majomut Affair

Being knowledgeable about coffee is one of our great passions. We are constantly trying to expand our relationship with specialty coffee and one of the best ways that we can do that is through our featured coffee program. We’ve been featuring the Mexico Union Majomut the last couple of weeks and the staff [...]

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Cupping with the Black Drop

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks Alexarc Mastema, roaster extraordinaire, sitting down with several members of the staff to enjoy some coffee. We have been incredibly privileged to have him share his time and expertise with us. Now let me share a little of what we’ve been doing with [...]

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Featured Bean: Kenya Fairview Estate AB Plus

This week The Black Drop Coffee House is proud to present the Kenya Fairview Estate AB plus as our featured coffee.  This wonderfully delicate coffee presents a snappy acidity with hints of lime and rose, a light smooth body and the subtle flavors of coriander, pipe tobacco, lime and caramelized onions. [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: Black Drop Enlightenment

Wow! It’s a good’n out there today! And we’ve got fresh roasted coffee from Maniac Roasting ready for you. We are featuring our new lighter roasted blend, Black Drop Enlightenment. This is becoming one of the most popular beans we have. The lighter roast allows more of the natural, brighter flavors of the coffee… a [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: Peru CAC Satipo

A farmer sews a bag filled with dried arabic coffee beans at a coffee cooperative in Peru's central jungle city of Chanchamayo, August 11, 2008. REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil
We received our first shipment of this coffee last Monday from Maniac Roasting. John brewed it for drip first thing on Tuesday. When I arrived [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: El Salvador “Toreador” SHG EP

This is Mr. Clean Coffee Bean, a nice bright smile like a sweet juicy orange, with a deep full voice that says: “Welcome to this great cup of coffee, man!” We also have an excellent selection of freshly roasted single-origin beans from Maniac Roasting, each of which has an outstanding flavor profile – even if [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: Mexican Chiapas Tzijib Babi

Tzijib Babi Coffee
This week we are featuring a bean from Chiapas, Mexico from the Tzijib Babi Cooperative.
Tzijib Babi “represents 14 organizations and over 714 individual members of SSS (Sociedades Solidaridad Social) from the Yajalón, Tumbala, Ocosingo, and Chiapas regions. Uapeéis Tzijib Babi members produce organic coffee and honey, and distribute raw [...]

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