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Café de L’amour by Yun-Chieh Tsai

Via a Facebook link from Jonathan Lawson, who writes: “If Rube Goldberg was a starry-eyed caffeinated romantic….” Thanks, J-Law. Beautiful.
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Featured Bean of the Week: Colombia Excelso “El Corazon”

[ April 18, 2011 to April 25, 2011. ]

[caption id="attachment_669" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Farm dog posing with the Product of Colombia bags - Photo by Jasmine Wanders"][/caption]

If the Brazil Daterra “Sunflower” is my favorite all-time coffee at the Black Drop, the Colombian Excelso “El Corazon” is a close second.

The Excelso designation refers to the screen size of the bean – in this case, 16 [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: Guatemala SHB EP “Tikal”

Hands on the Tikal Green Bean at Maniac Roastery
When we recently received our weekly order of beans from Maniac Roasting, we were anxious to try out the “new” Guatemala “Tikal.” Specifically, we were interested in judging how it measured against our favorite Guatemalan from Finca Vista Hermosa, to see what differences we would be able [...]

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Artist of the Month: Forrest Melim

[ April 1, 2011 to April 30, 2011. ]

[caption id="attachment_633" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="There Is Nothing to Fear || Forrest Melim"][/caption]
My name is Forrest Melim.  I’ve been painting for about 8 years.  I have no formal education, but I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and artists.  I have been working at JINX art space in Bellingham, WA. since the beginning of [...]
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Black Drop Event: Mario Kart 64 Tournament

[ June 25, 2011; 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. ]
SATURDAY, JUNE 25: Mario Kart 64 tournament, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.. This is the next in our ongoing series of retro video gaming events. If you weren’t able to make it to the Street Fighter tourney, you should definitely try to come to this one, which looks to be even more prize and fun filled.

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[ May 21, 2011; ]

[caption id="attachment_685" align="aligncenter" width="194" caption="Zombie Blood Drive "][/caption]

SATURDAY, MAY 21ST: ZOMBIES VS. SURVIVORS – SAVE OUR CITY II! This all out, no holds barred, full zombie makeup game of tag/water balloon fight covers a set area of Downtown B-ham for an afternoon and is completely amazingly frighteningly full of FUN. If you missed last year, [...]

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Black Drop Event: Board Game Night

[ May 7, 2011; 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm. ]
SATURDAY, MAY 7TH: Board game night co hosted with Eagles Games Models & Miniatures, 6 p.m. to Midnight. We will have great games like Settlers of Catan, Zombie Dice, Forbidden Island, Citadel, Formula D and many others. The crew at Eagles will also be demoing Magic: The Gathering, and we will have drink specials all [...]

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So a horse and a chicken walk into the Black Drop… looking for squirrel girl…

From our friend Django, over at Merch-Bot:
An outtake from the Horseman and Chicken Boy movie trailer.
Horseman and Chicken Boy look for Squirrel Girl at The Black Drop Coffee House.
This scene was designed to be played after the end of the main trailer if, and only if, our trailer showed after the Squirrel Girl trailer. Unfortunately, [...]

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Featured Bean of the Week: Papua New Guinea: Premium Smallholder (PSC)

[ March 28, 2011 to April 4, 2011. ]
Papua New Guinea Green Coffee Beans at Maniac Roasting
We were fortunate enough to have a cupping at Maniac Roasting last week of the Papua New Guinea: Premium Smallholder (PSC). I found the aroma of the coffee to be a rich earthy chocolate mixed with a faint pine. A subtle deep rose floral hovered over the [...]

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