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Coffee delivery service starting THIS WEEK!!

How many times have you said “Oh my word, I reeeallly wish that the Black Drop delivered”?
From us, to you. Like Donna Freakin' Reed.
Starting on Tuesday, July 31st, the Black Drop will be starting a COFFEE DELIVERY SERVICE within a 5 block walking radius of the Drop, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, [...]

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10 years of delish coffee and Block Party madness

So, what did you do this weekend? Did you perhaps come down to a certain Block Party that our friends Make.Shift down the street were putting on? Were you able to catch us there while we were giving out FREE TODDY?
Steph, ready to hand out some whup ass
You may or may not know this, but [...]

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Article: Local businesses organize Skate Park Appreciation Day

If you’re a local skater who loves your local skate park, tomorrow is the day to show it.
Unknown Board Shop, as well as other local companies like Disidual Clothing, Chazzzam Signs and Graphics, The Black Drop Coffee House, and Sabbath Tattoo, as well as the City of Bellingham, are hosting a “skate park appreciation party” tomorrow, with [...]

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Good Time Girls Tickets Available at the Black Drop

Just a reminder that we have tickets for the Good Time Girls Sin and Gin tour. $20 cash or check. This weekend, with with weather looking beautiful, would be an excellent time to take an enlightening stroll into Bellingham’s fascinating and prurient past with two of the loveliest of the lovely ladies of our town.

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Featured Bean of the Week: Black Drop Enlightenment

Wow! It’s a good’n out there today! And we’ve got fresh roasted coffee from Maniac Roasting ready for you. We are featuring our new lighter roasted blend, Black Drop Enlightenment. This is becoming one of the most popular beans we have. The lighter roast allows more of the natural, brighter flavors of the coffee… a [...]

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