The Western Front: Bellingham has chosen: BBJ readers’ choice awards include Black Drop

Bellingham School of Comics at the Black Drop

Bellingham School of Comics at the Black Drop

From an article in the Western Front by Kevin Kenney:

The Bellingham Business Journal released its 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards on Feb. 11. Several hundred Bellingham Business Journal readers selected 15 local businesses from a variety of categories, said Evan Marczynski, a Western Washington University graduate and reporter for the Bellingham Business Journal. They have been putting out this list for the last four or five years as a fun way to connect with readers, he said.  They do not keep detailed winners from past years, he said.

Best free Wi-Fi: The Black Drop

Nestled between the looming brick buildings of Champion Street sits The Black Drop Coffee House. The Black Drop was voted best location for free Wi-Fi by readers of the Bellingham Business Journal.

Its windows nearly covered by posters for punk bands and local events, the Black Drop seems a natural location for college students. Its regular customers range from students to local business people to city employees, said Scot Casey, who co-owns the Black Drop with Stephanie Oppelaar.

Casey has worked at the Back Drop for four years. During this time, he was given the opportunity to become an owner, he said.

“We offer incredible coffee and a really good atmosphere for people to sit and drink,” Casey said.

The Black Drop was named best coffee by Cascadia Weekly 2012, and Casey the best barista.

Casey thinks the Black Drop was voted best place for free Wi-Fi due to their friendly atmosphere and nearly unrestricted Internet access, he said.

“I think one of the core things the Black Drop stands for is an open forum, “ he said. “It’s a place for people to freely communicate ideas and participate in discussions, whether that’s in print media, in person or online.”

The Black Drop also sponsors an annual event called “Save Our City,” a zombie-themed water balloon fight, Casey said. A date has not been announced for this year’s event, but previous events have taken place in May, according to the Black Drop’s website.

In coming years, Casey plans on expanding the Black Drop by adding more seating and another bar, he said.

Despite awards, zombies and expansions, the Black Drop’s mission has not changed.

“Coffee is our passion,” Casey said. “We are very intense about our coffee and our customers’ experience.”

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Black Drop Loteria Card

Black Drop - El Cafe Loteria

Testimonial from from Neilson E.:

The Black Drop offers one of the best shots of espresso outside of Italy.  Seriously.  If you doubt me, stop reading this, go there and order a doppio macchiato.  If you’ve ever only had a macchiato in the US you probably won’t recognize what they hand you.  It will be a beautifully crafted double shot of espresso with the tiniest bit of foamy milk poured on top creating the barista’s signature mark.  It will be so perfect you might have a hard time drinking it since to do so would put an end to the beautiful creation.  If so, just hold it up to your nose and smell the aroma of their perfectly brewed espresso.

Before you know it you will have quaffed your drink and you’ll have a huge smile on your face.  You may imagine that you’re sitting in a cafe in Italy but I warn you reality is there to greet you.  You are not wearing an Italian suit, no, that is not your Vespa parked outside.  You’re still in Bellingham believe it or not.

The people serving the coffee are professionals and the care they put into something that only costs a few dollars is amazing.  Do yourself a favor and don’t get your drink “to go”.  It’ll only take you a minute to drink so stay and enjoy it out of a real cup in one of the chairs by the door.  It is well worth the experience every time.

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Black Drop Bloody Valentine Screening of The Evil Dead

February 14, 2013
7:00 pmto10:00 pm

Black Drop Bloody Valentine

Once again, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day here at the Black Drop with a screening of the delightful romantic comedy, The Evil Dead. We encourage you to come on down with your love interest(s) and get all sweet and sappy with love as the characters in the film turn into flesh eating zombies. Ah… love! FREE.

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Life is Like Coffee

I Feel So Empty

We have this quote by Albert Einstein on the vent hood at the shop: “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies… It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.” It is nice to see this applied to the world of coffee.

Thanks to Debbie for the thoughts and the link.

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The Black Drop is awarded Best Place for Free Wi-Fi by the Bellingham Business Journal

Black Drop Coffee House Interior

Thanks to Bellingham Business Journal and its readers for voting the Black Drop as Best Place for Free WiFi (insert interrobang here). I am assuming this also includes “and also drink beautiful coffee.” Also, kudos to Cafe Adagio for the latte win. Cheers!

Bellingham Business Journal’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards

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A Paen to the Black Drop in a Parody of Carl Sandburg’s Chicago

Black Drop Coffee House

My sister, Shannon, teaches at Sehome. For one of her classes, she asked her students to write a parody of the poem Chicago by Carl Sandburg. One of her students, Forrest Meyer, a very clever and intelligent student in my opinion, chose to write his poem about The Black Drop. It is beautiful. Thanks, Forrest. Give him an A+ Shannon!

The black drop

Coffee supplier of Bellingham,
Espresso maker, seller of mugs,
Displayer of art and things to come,
Warm, smug, happy,
Place of the hipster

They tell me you are too small and I believe them, for I have seen your tables and chairs packed all hours of the day.
They tell me your drinks are weird and I answer: yes, it is true I have seen the peanut butter and banana mocha you call the fat Elvis.
They say your coffee is bad and my reply is: yes (in a sarcastic voice) any organic coffee roasted a couple blocks away from the shop is terrible.
And having answered so I turn once more to those who sneer at my coffee shop and I give them back the sneer and say to them: come and show me another coffee shop with lifted heads singing so proud to be central and polite and happy and the best.
Hear is a 12ounce drip coffee to set vivid against the stuff star bucks calls coffee.
Bitter as a dark chocolate, sweet as caramel,
Buying, making, selling,
Under its roof staying warm.
Under its balcony in the sun.
Laughing at a regular who has never had their free Doppios on a Friday, Laughing!
Laughing the warm, smug, happy laughter of the regulars enjoying, proud to be the coffee supplier of Bellingham!

You can check out the original here:

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Daterra Farms and Gender Equality in the Coffee World

Daterra Logo

We love Daterra Farms in Brazil. We carry their Villa Borghesi beans, which is one of our bestselling coffees and a shop favorite. Coffee Talk recently posted an interesting article on gender equality in the coffee world that singles out Daterra for their outstanding initiatives and programs. Check it out.

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The Black Drop Annual Bloody Valentine’s Day Film Date

February 14, 2013
7:00 pmto10:00 pm

Black Drop Bloody Valentine 2013

Once again, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day here at the Black Drop with a screening of the delightful romantic comedy, The Evil Dead. We encourage you to come on down with your love interest(s) and get all sweet and sappy with love as the characters in the film turn into flesh eating zombies. Ah… love! FREE.

Facebook Event:

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Don Pachi Geisha Natural – Panama

Black Drop Coffeehouse Don Pachi Geisha Natural

The Black Drop Coffeehouse, in association with Maniac Roasting, is proud to announce the availability of one of the finest coffee beans we have ever had: the Don Pachi Geisha Natural from Panama. This coffee was awarded one of the highest scores in the history of the SCAP Best of Panama competition; also receiving one of the highest auction prices of $111.50 per pound.

This coffee has a remarkably complex structure with floral jasmine, sweet honey and blueberry notes on top of a rich malty chocolate base. Like a fine wine, this coffee evokes a sense of ineffable beauty and is a delight for the senses.

This coffee generally sells for $60 per pound and over. Thanks to Maniac Roasting, the Black Drop is able to offer this one of a kind coffee to our customers for $46 per pound ($23 per half, $11.50 per quarter). This coffee is available by special reservation. We have a very limited supply, so make your reservation soon. Please inquire at the Black Drop for more details.

REGION: Boquete – Panamá
MICRO REGION: Callejon Seco / Palmira
FARMS: Serracin Cafetaleros (Don Pachi)
VARIETY: Catuaí 20% , Caturra 22%, Typica 40%, Borbon 8%, Geisha 10% M.A.S.L. 1300/1600
MICROMILL NAME: Boquete Finest
DRYING PROCESS: Patios, African Beds, Dryers

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Black Drop Black Out 4

January 5, 2013
7:00 pmto11:59 pm

Black Drop Black Out 3

Come help us celebrate with Coffee, Food, Music and Drinks!

We’ve had another great year of being your favorite coffeehouse, so let’s all party!

Saturday, January 5th, from 7 pm to midnight, your favorite baristas will be super gussied up, serving you up some delish boozy drinks and delightful, delectable tidbits.

$10 tickets (sold at the door) provide entrance to the event, a boozy drink, and a plate to partake of as many of the morsels as you would like.

All ages are welcome, although if you plan to drink, you MUST have your ID. (We don’t care HOW old you look.) Under 21 or no id? We have coffee and hot chocolate drinks for you, but no liquor will be served to you.

Live music will be provided at the beginning of the evening by the fantastically talented perennial Black Drop favorite, Sarah Goodin. Later in the evening, the lovely Aireeka will DJ and provide karaoke fun.

Menu will be posted mid week, so be sure to check back this week to find out the drinks and food you can expect.

Every year, this is the Black Drop’s busiest event, and one of our favorite times of year. It gets packed, it gets warm, and it gets really, really fun.

Come help us ring in 2013 after all your other party obligations are past. Trust us, you’ll want to be at this one!

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