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A Paen to the Black Drop in a Parody of Carl Sandburg’s Chicago

My sister, Shannon, teaches at Sehome. For one of her classes, she asked her students to write a parody of the poem Chicago by Carl Sandburg. One of her students, Forrest Meyer, a very clever and intelligent student in my opinion, chose to write his poem about The Black Drop. It is beautiful. Thanks, Forrest. Give [...]

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Poetry Night Anthology: as much as we have put in

The Black Drop is very happy to have available, “as much as we’ve put in: a poetrynight anthology” edited my Melissa Queen and Robert Huston. This is an amazing collection of poems from Bellingham’s finest poets. $20 with all proceeds going to poetrynight. Yes! More poetry, always.
Check out: http://www.poetrynight.org/ for more info.
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The Black Drop Haiku Poetry Contest

We have a winner in the Haiku Poetry Contest! It was a close race, but #28 by David Meissner was the winner:
May your mustache of
Crema cling always to smiles
Our coffee is kind
Congrats to David! Honeybee Press will be printing them up soon. Thanks to everyone who contributed. They are all diamonds!
We are starting a [...]

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