Zombie Kim (with cross)

Zombie Kim (with cross)


Saturday, June 25th – Mario Kart 64 Tournament


Saturday, May 7th – Board Game Night

Saturday, May 21st – Zombies vs. Survivors: Save Our City II


There Is Nothing to Fear

There Is Nothing to Fear || Forrest Melim

Artist of the Month: Forrest Melim

My current show is about the dichotomy of life on this blue ball in space.  So many people feel like there is nothing new left to discover in regards to life on our planet, and so they search for life on other planets. I wanted to show people that not only is there life on this planet that will blow your mind with its bizarreness, and beauty but that sometimes it lives in the most secluded and hostile areas on the planet. And yet while there are creatures who SURVIVE in Darkness and Pressure there are also organisms that Thrive in the Light of the Sun.


Artist of the Month: Charles “Bonesy” Jones

God is Dreaming

A Stamp Detournement by Charles "Bonesy" Jones

Laughing Bone Design Laboratories in Association with The Black Drop Coffeehouse is proud to present “23 Digital Detournements by Charles ‘Bonesy’ Jones.” Jones, who died in 2005, spent the last few years of his life creating stamp-sized pieces that were often mailed out on envelopes to unsuspecting friends and family. We have digitally enlarged 23 of these for exhibition at The Black Drop. Together they create an extraordinary testimony to the genius of this late artist. Click here for more information.


February 6th – Sunday – All Dang Day – Closed for Cleaning

February 12th – Saturday – 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm – SUPER STREET FIGHTER TOURNAMENT – RISING DRAGON BLACK DROP STYLE!

February 14th – Monday – 7:00 pm – Announcement of the winner of The Ugly Mug Contest!

February 14th – Monday – 7:00 pm – My Bloody Valentine Movie Night: Dead Alive