The Black Drop

We Have Always Been Here

JANUARY 5, 2011 – On January 1st, the Black Drop Coffeehouse bid a very fond farewell to one of the three co-owners, Jonathan Lawson, and happily welcomed their new employee-owner, Scot Casey. Lawson has been a fixture in the shop for 9 years, first as an employee, then as an owner with the other employee owners, Katy Blizzard and Stephanie Oppelaar, who bought the shop on Christmas Eve of 2009. Late in 2010, in a meeting with his partners, Blizzard and Oppelaar, Lawson stated his intention to return to school with an interest in horticulture and agronomy (the branch of economics dealing with the distribution, management, and productivity of land.) Continuing in the spirit of the employee owned cooperative that purchased the landmark downtown business, the team decided to welcome a bid from Casey, who has been an employee of the shop since April of 2010.

Scot comes to the employee owned cooperative with several years of business management and previous small business ownership experience in his previous home of Austin, Texas. He has already contributed several innovative and striking graphic design ideas, and made valuable suggestions as an employee to further promote the unique atmosphere of the Black Drop. While a goodbye to Jonathan Lawson is bittersweet, the entire owner team and staff hope all the shop regulars will join them in wishing Jonathan nothing but the best in his future endeavors, and success in his new path.

December 27, 2009 – The owners of the Black Drop Coffeehouse in downtown Bellingham got an amazing gift on Christmas Eve at midnight when they sold their beloved coffeehouse to three of their long term employees, making the shop effectively an employee owned co-operative. Teri Bryant and Alexarc Mastema, founders of the Black Drop, wanted to pursue other interests, while assuring the spirit of the place they so painstakingly built would retain the quality and essence they worked so hard to create. The creative answer to the problem was to offer the shop to three of their long time employees, who would purchase the shop as a co-operative effort.

The new owners, Jonathan Lawson, Stephanie Oppelaar, and Katy Blizzard have all been the consistent faces behind the counter for years, and support the same vision of artisan coffee, lovingly crafted and prepared. Jonathan has been an employee for over seven years, Stephanie for over five, and Katy for over three, giving the new ownership team over 15 years combined experience specifically at the Black Drop. The diverse talents of each of the new owner/partners bring a fresh breath of life with a new attitude and a new twist to the same great coffee people have come to expect from the Black Drop.

The new face of the Black Drop will be unveiled at a special “Lights Out” reception and cocktail party from 5 p.m. To midnight on Saturday, January 2. The party will feature fancy dessert beverages, live local music, a show by local artists, and tasty treats. Event tickets are $5, and entitle the bearer to a drink of their choice, a selection of snacks, and a special surprise if you bring a friend! Tickets can be purchased at the Black Drop, December 28 through December 30th, or at the door. Same great coffee, new attitude, new look. Come join us and see for yourself!