We’re comin’ to get ya…

Zombies are coming. They’ve been spotted in alleyways around town. Be on the lookout, y’all.

(Video credit Merrilee D. Photography)

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Zombies vs Survivors V

Alright, here it is everyone.  The time you’ve been waiting for all year!  ZOMBIES VS SURVIVORS V!!!

Zombies vs Survivors

First time hearing about zombies?  Here’s the skinny.  Every year the Black Drop Coffeehouse takes over downtown with a massive game of water balloon tag.  “Survivors” are left to defend themselves from a horde of “Zombies” with nothing but their wits and water balloons!  Zombies can infect survivors with the smallest of touches!  MAYHEM ENSUES!  At the end of the day we use all of the left over balloons to have a HUGE water fight in Maritime Heritage park! This year, we’re even more excited to announce that we’re OFFICIALLY a City of Bellingham event! Our amazing City of Bellingham Department of Parks and Recreation has signed on for event co-sponsor this year! THANK YOU BELLINGHAM!!

Tons of prizes, a competitive team-based side game, and tons of great family friendly fun.  Last year we had well over 200 people playing!

First off, you’ll have to sign the waiver! If you’re under 18, it MUST be signed by your parent or guardian for you to participate!! http://tinyurl.com/zombiesSOSwaiver

Here’s a link to the general rules - http://tinyurl.com/Zombie-vs-Survivor-Rules

For the objective-based team game, we have a preregistration form for you to fill out and e-mail to us.  The form is here: http://tinyurl.com/Team-Registration-Form

And here are the rules for the team based play: http://tinyurl.com/Team-Based-Rules

In addition, we will be having a team-based costume competition this year!

This year, the event will be professionally photographed by Merrilee from Merrilee D. Photography with the addition of a photo booth style setup to commemorate your zombie get-up!

Our friends over at Whatcom Talk are writing up a feature on us, and will be showcasing some of the awesome info about this year’s event!

We’re partnering with Fiamma Burger who will be offering a special zombie milkshake the week of the event… bring your receipt with your milkshake purchase on it to receive 10% off your order at the Black Drop!

Our friends at The Shakedown are getting in on the zombie action too, helping sponsor this year’s event!

Always ready to help enrich our Downtown neighborhood, our good friends Marissa and Sara at The Bureau of Historical Investigation have joined in, and also agreed to be one of the important “objective” destinations for team play.

Once again, favorite downtown accessory purveyor ModSock is jumping to be an event sponsor, with prize donations for team winners as well as grab bag goodies!

Our buddies over at Dakota Art have agreed to provide gift certificates for prize winners!

and our amazing partner (graphic artist/web guru/advertising mastermind) Django over at Seatthole is helping with shirts and posters and zombie info and general awesomeness.

Stay tuned for more information about prizes, and more sponsor info as it becomes available!

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The Mystery of Coffee

The Mystery of Coffee Revealed

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Thank You!

Black Drop Coffeehouse Crew 2013
Black Drop Coffeehouse Zombie Crew 2013

Thanks to everyone who helped make Save Our City IV: Zombie vs. Survivors a great event. We had a record turnout this year. Over 200 people, 20 teams and everyone had a great time. Beautiful day, beautiful day, beautiful city. We could not have done it without out you. Much gratitude all around.

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Water Balloon Zombie Tag
A Few Water Balloons

Thanks to the Friday Night Water Balloon Filling Crew! We filled up a couple of thousand water balloons.

Black Drop Coffeehouse
Black Drop Staff Hard at Work

Thank to everyone who came out early Saturday to help with the pre-event and load in.

Black Drop Truck Load In
Loading Up The Doug Truck

And thanks to all of our amazing participants, young and old, zombie and survivor.

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Zombie Nurses
The Doctors…
Black Drop Crew 2013

Zombie Beauty with Zombie Kids

And to our employees. Y’all are beautiful and the best crew we have ever had!

Black Drop Crew 2013

Black Drop Zombie Crew 2013

And to all of the Black Drop Regulars who tolerated us being closed for a day!


Photo by Thom Davis

And thanks to all who attended and made it such a beautiful event. We all look forward to next year!

Zombie Crowd

Photo by Tad Beavers

And thanks to Nick Gonzales and the Bellingham Herald for the beautiful photos and coverage: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2013/06/08/3044742/save-our-city-zombies-versus-survivors.html


Photo by Nick Gonzales

And thanks to all of our sponsors who provided us with great gifts, stickers, coupons and helped to promote the event.

Merch Bot

An extra special love thanks to Django for supplying stickers and shirts and general all around helpfulness.

Film Is Truth
Film Is Truth

Eagles Logo
Goat Mountain Pizza

Goat Mountain Pizza



Unknown Board Shop

Unknown Board Shop

Finally, thanks to the Bellingham Parks Department and the City of Bellingham for allowing us to fill Maritime Heritage Park and the downtown core with Zombies.

City of Bellingham

City of Bellingham

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Save Our City IV: Zombies vs. Survivors on June 8th at Maritime Heritage Park

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Save Our City IV: Zombies vs Survivors (with water-balloons)

The Black Drop Coffeehouse presents Save Our City IV:  Zombies Vs. Survivors!

Saturday, June 8th. Maritime Heritage steps, 1 p.m. start time.

Our BEST and MOST FUN annual event, in its 4th year!!

This year, more objectives, more prizes, more balloons, more gore, more fun!!  Start planning your teams and strategy, folks!

Here, as promised, are the Official Rules for Zombies Vs. Survivors IV objective based play, Team Pre-registration forms (follow the link to email them to us) and Liability Waiver. Participants must have a SIGNED waiver (also signed by parent or guardian if under 18) to play. Teams must have a registered Team Name and all players must be listed (for ease of prize giving!) We will have some forms on hand at the event, but if you bring your already signed stuff, we get to play THAT MUCH FASTER. Also, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to play WITHOUT a signed waiver with an emergency contact. (Keepin’ it safe, y’all….)

Link for Rules: http://tinyurl.com/p96vdqz
Link for Waiver: http://tinyurl.com/njwfo69
Link for Team Registration: http://tinyurl.com/ofoqw34

Click here to go to the Facebook Events Page

The Black Drop Coffee House: Save Our City IV: Zombies vs. Survivors 2013

From The Black Drop Zombie News Network ZNN:

Black Drop Coffee House: Zombie Drug: KrokodilClick for Larger Scarier Image

Black Drop Coffeehouse: Zombie News Network: Article 2

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Black Drop Retro NBA JAM Tournament!

Black Drop Retro NBA JAM Tournament!

The Black Drop presents our latest retro gaming night! We’ll be doing an NBA JAM tournament as the main event as well as having a few other retro gaming stations (Mario Cart 64 anyone?).

As always the event will be free and we will be serving our full menu until close. Come on down and enjoy some old school gaming fun, amazing coffee, and good times!

We’ve got some amazing sponsors this time around including Goat Mountain Pizza, Eagles Games and Hobby, Film is Truth, Merchbot, and Mod Sock!

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Steeb Russell: Artist of the Month for April

Steeb Russell

We are very fortunate this month to have Steeb Russell as our featured artist. Steeb’s art is deceptively whimsical with a darkly humorous thread running through it. The photographs do not do justice to the bright animated colors of the paintings themselves. We encourage everyone to come down and check them out. On display through the end of April.

Steeb Russell

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poetrynight at the Black Drop in 42 seconds

Every Monday night, the living Word is performed at the Drop. Starts at 8 p.m.. We stay open late. We serve beautiful coffee. We are looking at the stars. We are listening to poetry. Check it out. Come on down!

More info at http://www.poetrynight.org/

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Guatemala – Finca Las Nubes

The Black Drop has always prided itself with serving and selling excellent coffee. It’s right there in our logo: Excellence, Intensity, Passion. We LOVE coffee, and we love making sure you are getting the very best coffee we can possibly offer. With that, I’d like to introduce to you a very special coffee that will be our feature for the weeks to come, the Guatemala Finca Las Nubes.

Finca Las Nubes

This particular Guatemala comes to us via direct trade from Edwin Martinez, owner of Onyx Coffee Bar, who is a good friend of Alexarc at Maniac Roasting. We are really excited to be offering direct trade because that means the farmers are getting a much more fair price for their product.

A stand for Finca Las Nubes

Before we talk about the beautiful flavors found in these exquisite beans, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Finca Las Nubes. The name translates to Farm of the Clouds, and it is an apt description. At 4600ft, the farm is often hidden among the clouds. Located 236km from Guatemala City, Finca Las Nubes hugs the border of Honduras and El Salvador.

Finca Las Nubes is owned by Don Fabio Solis and his wife Doña Sonia. They have an amazing outlook on how coffee should be farmed and it definitely shows in their product. In 2001, they won the coveted Cup of Excellence award, one of the highest honors a coffee can achieve. There is a wonderful interview with these great people over at http://www.coffeehunter.com/articles/las_nubes_london that I definitely think you should read!

The patio at Finca Las Nubes

Now, on to the cup! Joel and I both had a chance to try the Guatemala prepared as a Chemex, and I have to say this is a fantastic cup of coffee. It has a very floral, nutty aroma. As we took our first sips, we were both struck by an earthy undertone to the coffee. I identified this as a malty, hoppy flavor while Joel found it to be a bit more grassy. These flavors were balanced with a wonderfully nippy citrus acidity (I found it to be a bit lemony) and a honeyed sweetness with pear and vanilla. The floral aspect of the coffee is also found early in the cup, giving way to the heavier flavors towards the finish.

Overall, I really enjoyed this coffee! It’s incredibly well balanced between acidity and body. The floral notes are nicely accentuated by the citrus acidity, and the long lasting finish will leave you coming back for more. This will make a great morning coffee and will do well using any preparation method. With its well-defined characteristics, I would recommend against adding cream and sugar.

-John Oppelaar

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The Black Drop is the New Home for poetrynight

Poetry NIght at the Black Drop

We are honored and very happy to welcome poetrynight to the Black Drop. Every Monday night our doors open and sign-up begins at 7:30 p.m. Reading begins at 8:00. This is one of the most beautiful events happening on a regular basis in Bellingham (or the Universe for that matter).

From poetrynight’s website:

Our Mission Statement

Through the recognition and promotion of poetry, creative and expository writing, poetrynight makes available the works of writers who might otherwise remain unknown and makes more accessible and applicable the culture of written and spoken language through exposure and education.

What We Do

For over fifteen years, in coffee shops and classrooms, basements and concert halls across Whatcom and Skagit counties, poetrynight has provided opportunities for new and established writers to share their work. As a program of the Whatcom Poetry Series, poetrynight is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With the honor of having been selected for an unprecedented 2 Bellingham Mayor’s Arts Awards, poetrynight continues to shape the literary landscape of our region.

Poetrynight began in 1995 as a weekly reading series and has developed into an organization providing a variety of programs, including:

• Poetry in Public Education (PIPE): Putting awkward and shy poets in front of classrooms of awkward and shy middle and high school students to teach, perform and inspire.

• The poetrynight Reading: What we are most known for is this, our nationally renowned event occurring every Monday night for 15 years. What Jack McCarthy described as “The best open mic on the West Coast.”

• Featured Poet Series: Sponsoring Touring Artists to perform in Whatcom and Skagit counties.

• poetrynight’s Podcast: Our weekly reading, free and online, with over one hundred (sometimes embarrassing, often wonderful) episodes available.

Come on down, read, listen, witness, become vulnerable to the Word.

The Black Drop is located at 300 W. Champion, at the corner of Champion and Grand, sort of next door to the Temple Bar, not far from the Pickford Cinematographic Movie House, in the pulsing center of the Downtown Bellingham Art District.

Call 360-738-3767 for more information.

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