Black Drop Blackout : 2015 Edition

Cocktail attire, candlelight, victuals, music, libations, you, us. Magic.

Cocktail attire, candlelight, victuals, music, libations, you, us. Magic.

It’s that time again. We know. You thought we forgot. How could we forget our second favorite event of the year? (Nothing tops zombies, y’all. But this comes pretty darn close.)

This Saturday night. 7 pm to midnight, we’ll be serving up your favorite Black Drop inspired cocktails, a lot of delicious fancy pants snacks, and listening to the musical stylings of Scot Casey and Thadius Kroening. We’ll be in our best and finest fancy get up. There will be candlelight and laughter. Later… there might even be karaoke. You never know ti’ll you show up!

$5 at the door gets you in, gets you a drink and a plate. All ages are welcome, only 21+ with ID will be able to partake of the libations. Our full coffeehouse menu will be available at regular prices.

You need an invite to get in the door! Speakeasy style, but for our digital age. Follow the link below, and bring the QR code it generates by printing it out or showing it off on your device screen. Our scan will get you in the door and into the best celebration of the beginning/end of the year that you’ve been to since our last Black Drop Blackout.

We’ll see you Saturday at the Drop!


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End of the year

Once again, another year is wrapping up and we have some reduced hours at New Year’s to give our staff some time to celebrate. We’ll be closing early, at 5 pm on Wednesday, December 31st. We’ll be CLOSED on Thursday January 1st, and re-open for normal hours on Friday January 2nd at 7 am.

Look here for news in the next few days for our annual Black Drop Black Out on Saturday, the 17th of January.

Have a safe and happy new year!!

<3, The Black Drop Staff

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Merry, Merry and All That Is Bright

We’ve had a busy second half of the year at the Black Drop! While John and Stephanie adapted to life with TWO small children, our staff solidified and went through some big changes, and the ownership team went through another shift. We have much to tell you in the upcoming days as 2014 comes to a close, but today, let us share with you some great write ups of our little corner of the world!

First, this article from Bellingham Business News highlights some of the happenings around our shop. (Thanks for the great write up, Tobias!)

Second, we’re one of the sponsors for the holiday happenings through the Downtown Bellingham Partnership this season, which means we’re participating in a few events to help encourage people to shop locally this year. We had a super successful “Shop Small Saturday” for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, including homemade mini cinnamon rolls and mini muffins that Stephanie whipped up and passed out to shoppers. This weekend is Downtown’s Shop Dine Celebrate event, which we’re also participating in! We are offering 10% off your entire order when you purchase any of our already really reasonably priced retail goodies. Better yet, tag yourself from ANY participating location with the hashtag #bhamSDC on ANY social media platform and be entered in a drawing to win some GREAT prizes from lots of downtown merchants!

In the coming days, we’ll have updates for you on this year’s Bellingham Mama’s Support Network giving tree (which we’re participating in for the 4th year running) and on our upcoming holiday hours for Christmas, New Years, and our annual Black Drop Black Out cocktail party of awesome. So now that we’re back in the swing of things, check back in with us, won’t you?


-The Black Drop Staff

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We care about Womencare, and you should too.

Think about your favorite space in your home. Close your eyes and picture it. What comes to mind? What do you envision? Is it a cozy chair, full in the sun and with your favorite book? Is it a dark corner and comfy pillows and a good cup of coffee, snuggling a beloved pet? Is it a chair in your kitchen, surrounded by the warmth of your family?

Now picture this. For many women and children in our community, home isn’t a safe space. There is no bright window, no laughter in the kitchen. Instead, there is pain. There is the place the child hides while their mom is beaten. There are shattered remains of a favorite cup, of a mirror, of a cell phone. There are hidden and quiet tears, desperation of circumstance and hopelessness. There is fear. There is anywhere but Home Sweet Home.

Here are some sobering statistics:

-1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

-Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.

-Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes.

-Children who live in homes where there is domestic violence also suffer abuse or neglect at high rates (30% to 60%.)

Here in Bellingham, we are fortunate enough to have several outstanding organizations that help combat these heartbreaking statistics, one family at a time, one story at a time. One such organization that we have partnered with in the past is Womencare Shelter.


Womencare’s Mission statement: (From their website at

“Womencare Shelter is an empowerment-based organization working to end domestic violence by providing emergency, confidential shelter, 24-hour crisis support services and community education.”

For the month of July, we at the Black Drop would like to invite you to join with us in supporting Womencare’s mission and helping victims of domestic violence in our community.

Introducing the Home Sweet Home latte. Only served in 12 oz size, a healthy dose of molasses and a sprinkling of ginger with two shots of espresso and expertly steamed milk warms your hands and your tummy and brings to mind batches of cookies and the smell of baking, without being overpoweringly sweet. At $4.50 including tax, this drink is the same price as many of our other much beloved creations like the Black Widow and the Just Like Heaven, except this one comes with a community hug. For EACH AND EVERY Home Sweet Home latte we sell during the month of July, The Black Drop will donate $1 to Womencare Shelter. We will also have a donation jar on the counter for you, in case you’d like to donate but molasses ain’t your thang.

Please help us to help women and children right here in our community who are living in the nightmare of not having a space to call Home Sweet Home. Come spend some time with us, buy a drink, help us donate to Women Care, and support this vital community resource.

So much love. We’ll see you at the Drop!

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4th of July and Sundays



Here at the Black Drop, we love a good time. That being said, we know that every time we close for a holiday, our customers stand in our doorway, looking longingly inside and possibly shedding a tear.

We have heard you, loves of our hearts!

We are OPEN this 4th of July until 2 p.m.

And? Even better news! For the remainder of the summer and into the Fall, the Black Drop is RE-OPENING on Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. No longer will your Sundays suffer from inferior coffee and Black Drop withdrawl! Come down on this slower day of the week. Sit a while in the sunshine at one of our many outside tables and chairs. Soak in the sweet, lazy feeling of Downtown Bellingham on a sunny summer Sunday.

We’ll see you at the Drop!

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Zombies Vs. Survivors V: Watch your aim!!

During our Save our City: Zombies vs. Survivors V, water balloons are the ammo and your aim is important!! Don’t miss, or you’ll become one of the horde!

video credit: Merrilee D. Photography


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Zombies: No coffee for you (Save our City V: Zombies vs. Survivors)

Zombies love coffee too. Unfortunately, they can’t get it.

(Video credit: Merrilee D. Photography)

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We’re comin’ to get ya…

Zombies are coming. They’ve been spotted in alleyways around town. Be on the lookout, y’all.

(Video credit Merrilee D. Photography)

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Zombies vs Survivors V

Alright, here it is everyone.  The time you’ve been waiting for all year!  ZOMBIES VS SURVIVORS V!!!

Zombies vs Survivors

First time hearing about zombies?  Here’s the skinny.  Every year the Black Drop Coffeehouse takes over downtown with a massive game of water balloon tag.  “Survivors” are left to defend themselves from a horde of “Zombies” with nothing but their wits and water balloons!  Zombies can infect survivors with the smallest of touches!  MAYHEM ENSUES!  At the end of the day we use all of the left over balloons to have a HUGE water fight in Maritime Heritage park! This year, we’re even more excited to announce that we’re OFFICIALLY a City of Bellingham event! Our amazing City of Bellingham Department of Parks and Recreation has signed on for event co-sponsor this year! THANK YOU BELLINGHAM!!

Tons of prizes, a competitive team-based side game, and tons of great family friendly fun.  Last year we had well over 200 people playing!

First off, you’ll have to sign the waiver! If you’re under 18, it MUST be signed by your parent or guardian for you to participate!!

Here’s a link to the general rules -

For the objective-based team game, we have a preregistration form for you to fill out and e-mail to us.  The form is here:

And here are the rules for the team based play:

In addition, we will be having a team-based costume competition this year!

This year, the event will be professionally photographed by Merrilee from Merrilee D. Photography with the addition of a photo booth style setup to commemorate your zombie get-up!

Our friends over at Whatcom Talk are writing up a feature on us, and will be showcasing some of the awesome info about this year’s event!

We’re partnering with Fiamma Burger who will be offering a special zombie milkshake the week of the event… bring your receipt with your milkshake purchase on it to receive 10% off your order at the Black Drop!

Our friends at The Shakedown are getting in on the zombie action too, helping sponsor this year’s event!

Always ready to help enrich our Downtown neighborhood, our good friends Marissa and Sara at The Bureau of Historical Investigation have joined in, and also agreed to be one of the important “objective” destinations for team play.

Once again, favorite downtown accessory purveyor ModSock is jumping to be an event sponsor, with prize donations for team winners as well as grab bag goodies!

Our buddies over at Dakota Art have agreed to provide gift certificates for prize winners!

and our amazing partner (graphic artist/web guru/advertising mastermind) Django over at Seatthole is helping with shirts and posters and zombie info and general awesomeness.

Stay tuned for more information about prizes, and more sponsor info as it becomes available!

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The Mystery of Coffee

The Mystery of Coffee Revealed

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