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Black Drop Coffee House || Tyler Ragsdale

It’s OK. Stay clam. We mean, calm. Happy as a clam, maybe. Relax. Imagine a steaming cup of delicious coffee in your hands. Imagine yourself sitting on the blue couch at The Black Drop and all of your troubles far away. The aroma of the fresh ground coffee and toasting bagels is in the air. Your favorite song that you swear no one every plays anywhere just started. You look around and think: “Wow! People are happy here and real and engaged and vibrant and creative and friendly and just letting everything just… be.” And you are no longer scared. And the world kind of curls up next to you like some sort of favorite animal, maybe a tiger or a dragon or a rabid squirrel that is, for the moment asleep and dreaming little squirrel dreams about eating your face later, but for now quietly purring beside you. But forget about that, just think about peace and how relaxed you are. There on the blue couch at The Black Drop, drinking great coffee, listening to your favorite song, surrounded by laughter. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore. Ah, sweet sweet coffee: nectar of the mind, restorer of the soul.

Come on down to the Drop. The blue couch is waiting. The rabid face eating squirrel is still dreaming. Hurry. He’ll wake up soon.

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TESTIMONIALS – Thanks, Everyone!

From Loren Z.:

“The Black Drop.” The BD is an employee owned cooperative that embodies the spirit of Bellingham while keeping the integrity of what makes a great coffee shop. The Barista/Owners (Johnathan, Steph, and Katy) are the three owners that you see brewing your coffee, making latte art, grinding your beans, making change, and engaging in conversation. You won’t find any grumpy baristas in this place like you might find in the Seattle area. The espresso blend that they brew has a darker complexity with a sweet finish that really is done with excellence and pulled with integrity. (No 7 second shots here). The coffee they sell is roasted from Maniac Roasting (former owners of The Black Drop) and is some of the best locally roasted beans around. Here are my ratings (1 – 5 with 5 being the best and 1 the worst) for The Black Drop:

Location – 5 (Downtown is the place to be…)
Parking – 2 (Don’t blame the BD its not their fault)
Ambience – 4 (Friendly, and totally eclectic, Bellinghamy, and perfect)
Espresso – 4 (I ordered a Dopio for here ~ sweet and smooth)
Latte’s – 4.5 (The latte art is amazing and it tastes great. I haven’t tasted a five)
Comfort – 3 (There isn’t room for more couches or soft chairs ~ but I wish there was…)
Consisent Bar Work – 4 (every so often someone is pulling shots that doesn’t have the experience)
Study-Ability – 3.5 (stay away between 7:30 – 9:30 as it gets pretty busy)
WiFi – 3 (its not fast and its not consistent ~ but their working on it)

Overall its a great place to enjoy amazing coffee, made well, pulled right, stretched perfectly, and served with some style. Its a favorite spot of mine in the downtown area…besides the fact that its not corporate in the slightest (and that’s a good thing.)

From Django B.:

Good coffee, full of nerds, a homey atmosphere, and lots of great conversations to eavesdrop on. Easily my favorite coffee shop in town (sorry everybody else).

In one sitting, you can plan to hear discussions on Warhammer, the life of self-published comic strip writers/artists, local artists, Jesus and his pals, computer science, obscure pop culture, and the difference between a level ten cleric and a level ten fireball.

SUPERUSER TIP: If you’re going to The Black Drop to work on your computer, charge up first, outlets are limited!

From Neilson E.:

The Black Drop offers one of the best shots of espresso outside of Italy.  Seriously.  If you doubt me, stop reading this, go there and order a doppio macchiato.  If you’ve ever only had a macchiato in the US you probably won’t recognize what they hand you.  It will be a beautifully crafted double shot of espresso with the tiniest bit of foamy milk poured on top creating the barista’s signature mark.  It will be so perfect you might have a hard time drinking it since to do so would put an end to the beautiful creation.  If so, just hold it up to your nose and smell the aroma of their perfectly brewed espresso.

Before you know it you will have quaffed your drink and you’ll have a huge smile on your face.  You may imagine that you’re sitting in a cafe in Italy but I warn you reality is there to greet you.  You are not wearing an Italian suit, no, that is not your Vespa parked outside.  You’re still in Bellingham believe it or not.

The people serving the coffee are professionals and the care they put into something that only costs a few dollars is amazing.  Do yourself a favor and don’t get your drink “to go”.  It’ll only take you a minute to drink so stay and enjoy it out of a real cup in one of the chairs by the door.  It is well worth the experience every time.

From Chris B.:

I can’t say enough good things about this place.  One of the best tests of a coffee place is to get a double espresso or a machiatto, and The Black Drop does these right.

The staff is awesome.  The atmosphere is funky.  The coffee is great.

I highly recommend them.

From Bruce W.:

Absolutely the best place to get a cup of coffee in the Ham.   The baristas make an effort to know who you are and if you are a creature of habit.  They are excellent.

The coffee is fresh, roasted just down the street.  They know their beans — they are willing to answer your questions.

They changed owners recently, but you can’t tell the difference.  It’s pretty much the same folks (with two or three exceptions) at the espresso machine.

From Nodd J.:

This is my favorite coffeehouse in the world. Period.

They roast their own coffee (it’s called Maniac Roasting, it’s right down the street from the Drop and they do cuppings there) and my wife and I love it so much, we beg our friends to ship it to us in Yakima. You can seriously taste the difference between their coffee and everyone else’s; this coffee has so much more depth, flavor, and complexity to it.

The coffeeshop itself has some of the most knowledgeable and personable staff in the business. They always remember my name, even when I haven’t been in in months.

I love this place so much, and one of the worst parts of moving away from Bellingham was knowing I’d only get to visit this place every couple of months.

From Kristen T.:

My favorite place to get a great espresso! My favorite drink there is called Monkey in a Tree Mocha. It’s a rich mocha with coconut and banana flavoring. It is wonderful especially on a wintry day. This was one of the first places I had ever gotten the foam art that people do occasionally on the tops of coffees! They also make a wonderful drink (the name of which is escaping me presently) in which they mix earl gray tea with milk or cream. It is exquisite for those who don’t take a liking to coffee.

The atmosphere is pleasant with lots of seating available. You can enjoy an outdoor seat or a place on one of their couches. A delightful little coffeehouse. I adore it!

From Amber A.:

Best coffee in Bellingham. There’s no competition.

The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, and they’re committed to getting it right. The espresso is delicious and I always know it’s fresh, because it’s roasted just down the street.

My favorite drink has got to be the Marquis, a spicy sweet latte, but even a drip coffee is delicious. On a cold and rainy day when I’m feeling the need for comfort, a Cambric tea latte is like being hugged by a teddy bear.

From Kevin B.:

The Black Drop is possibly the closet thing you’ll find to specialty coffee in Bellingham. The owners are awesome people and emanate love for their job and customers all day long. They are careful to make each drink with care to taste and preference of the customer. This is a great spot to study as their drip coffee is $2 with refills.

Unfortunately they dont offer a pour-over brew method and normally brew with a normal commercial brewer (Bunn I think). Their espresso is fabulous in milk but has trouble standing up on its own. At times I find myself wishing for more lightly roasted coffees.

tl;dr version:
Overall this is the best place for coffee in Bellingham. I love the people and the coffee is very good.

From Winona R.:

I really liked this cozy little coffee shop. It is cooperatively owned by the employees, the espresso is locally roasted, they serve a delicious earl grey latte (yum), and it has a real sense of community. I sat with a friend and enjoyed a nice hot beverage while people-watching on a saturday afternoon, while others knitted, wrote, and did crossword puzzles around us. It seemed like a great spot to start your morning–I wish I’d had time to go more than once while I was in town!

From Bellinghamte R.:

Hands down the best coffee in town.  Very robust flavor, but not bitter or acidic.  They steam the milk just right — – and serve the drinks at the “right” temperature.  (Lot of debate over what the ideal temp is for steaming / frothing milk, but I like it at least to 155 F.  IMHO too many places in town steam only to 140 F, and also don’t always start with cold milk, or reuse warm milk, or try to steam enough milk for 2 or 3 lattes at a time… I’m looking at you Starbucks, Cruisin’ Coffee…..).  Anyway, the atmosphere is kind of funky and it’s a fun place to hang out and people watch.  The baristas are on top of their game, and friendly.  Pricing is very reasonable.

From Brian L.:

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came, but when you can’t find that place then go to The Black Drop! I was amazed that they even remember who you are after just 1 – 2 times there. The coffee’s great, sipping that outside watching the downtown hustle is quite a unique feeling. Inside, the culture and conversations are like finally finding your clique. Their special events held from time to time are inclusive and funfilled. It’s not just the business, it’s the type of customers a business attracts to it that matter to me and Black Drop’s succeeded in marshalling quite the funky cool bunch. I feel comfortable in making them my downtown Bellingham Coffee-getting HQ. I only wish they were closer to where I live, lol.

From Jim H.:

I love thick, dark coffee (like Peets). Black Drop has the best drip coffee in town. The owners/baristas will take good care of you and I like how you can set up an account there – very customer-friendly!  The owners (former employees) will serve you and they take good care of you.

It is a great place to sit down with your laptop and relax with a cup of great coffee/espresso!  Wish they had a better selection of fresh pasteries, but they are getting more “special” items.  Overall a great spot!

From Rachael H.:

I love The Black Drop!  It’s such a comfortable & welcoming atmosphere, free Wi-Fi is great, and the staff are pretty awesome.

Oh, yeah, and they have good coffee!  They all really know what they’re doing and know their stuff when it comes to espresso, so you know you’re getting a good drink.

From Tina A.:

OMG! this is the best place to go for coffee and atmosphere. The staff is the friendliest and its a great place to get coffee and check your email or visit with friends.

If you want a local coffee hangout where they are going to know your names and greet you sincerely like they really care about you (its believable because they do really care about their customers) then this is the place for you!

Its fresh coffee because they roast their own coffee right down the street and it is slightly cheaper than a certain chain coffee shop downtown

and did I mention they get to know their customers and take the time to find out what your usual beverage of choice is

From Mike M.:

I agree with the other reviews…best coffee in Bellingham.  Great atmosphere, nice workers, quality coffee…this is the place to go for coffee lovers in the B-Ham area.

The Crew on Rialto Beach, August 2010